AMBROCUPID - Making Valentines for the elderly, veterans and our troops overseas

As a proud Grandmas Boy I began AMBROCUPID in 2015 to brighten a lonley elderly persons Valentine's Day. For any of us who have or had an elderly family member you know the value a simple card with a sweet message can have to an elderly woman or man's heart and soul, especially if they are ill, despressed or alone. We will be collecting cards over the next 4 weeks and all cards received will be delivered to residents of Long Island's Berkshire Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in West Babylon NY and a veterans home (TBD) on February 14th, 2016. The goal is to put a smile on our elderly's face by a thoughtful gesture. NOW if we really rock it out we can also send cards to our troops overseas in a special care package being put togther by an organization called "Boots on the Ground NY". They asked for 2000 to be delivered on January 31st for a special packing drive to prepare them for mailing. We can do this!

You do NOT need to have an art degree or create an elaborate design. Simple construction paper folded in half, glue, heart cutouts, glitter and magic markers will make for a beautiful card. Envelopes are not required. If you are participating please provide the number of cards you are making and you will be provided with names to personalize it for your assigned Valentine's. 

We began the cause in 2015 and it was a great success. Approximately 100 Valentine's were received from cupids in the US but Europe and Australia as well making it an international effort to give love. 

All cards will be mailed to the following address and are due no later than 2/13/16:

Click here to join the event online and see all the action!

PO BOX 1663
Lindenhurst NY 11757

Posted on January 14, 2016 .