IMATS 2014 NYC, Pier 94 - The Greatest Make-Up Show on Earth

The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show brings together superior talent in the world of cosmetics, artistry and special effects. The global trail includes six massive shows in four countries including New York, Sydney, London, Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles. Personally I’ve had the privilege of educating in New York, LA and London. Unless you are an industry affiliate you may not be familiar with the epic gathering of award winning artists whose work has been seen on every silver screen or world class movie star you can think of. At every corner you are blinded by the glare of camera flashes and the glimmer of Oscars and Emmys. If you haven’t figured it out by now I am excited to bring this show to you in word and picture form at least. I may even inspire you to attend however it is difficult to infiltrate as each show is normally sold out in a short period of time due to its reputation.

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Photo Credit: Tony Ambrosio

Posted on May 8, 2014 .