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Beauty in the Community

Beauty is healing! As a makeup artist Matthew Ambrosio gives back to the community by donating his expertise to Mondays at Racine. A national program that provides free salon and spa services to men and women undergoing treatment for cancer. Every October Matthew supports their annual fundraising event the Long Island Beauty Ball. This past October Matthew directed and produced the events first ever hair and makeup competition and show. Mondays charter salons competed for the best halloween looks and were judged by industry experts. Competition was fierce and teamwork was strong. Everyone represented and due to its success the competition will now be held annually.


Greeting Cards for the Elderly & Soldiers

Every Valentines and during the holiday season, AMBRO gathers a loving group of elementary school students, friends, business owners, and even Cupids from all over the US and Europe to create homemade cards for the elderly and our brave soldiers fighting overseas. Last year we made over 2000 Valentines which were distributed to their intended recipients to give a little love. If you ant to be a part of the cause join us here at AMBRO SMILES on Facebook.


Local Charities & Causes

Donating to local charities is a special act for us. To have been blessed with such a wonderful place to grow up I am proud of my Long Island heritage and wish to support it as much as possible. We like to keep efforts local and make it more hands on!