In addition to private artistry Matthew also offers AMBRO Beauty Ed, a night of makeup fun for women looking to learn and try new things and have all there beauty questions answered. Choose a night, a group of friends and a place to host. Matthew will teach everyday makeup, evening looks, consult and answer all your questions. A consultation beforehand will allow Matthew to hand tailor the experience for you. The sole purpose of the evening is beauty ed and FUN. There are no product lines being sold or biased beauty advice, he works independent and for the purpose of everyday beauty ed, solely.

Beauty should be fun and simple not scary. With so many opinions on how to apply makeup and products lines out there it’s hard to navigate the sea of cosmetics. My success as a beauty expert is based on my ability to listen to the you, find out what you want and then demonstrate how to subtly enhance your features. Every woman wants three things; a perfect match, a natural look “not heavy” appearance and products healthy for the skin.
— Matthew Ambrosio

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